First batch whisky sold out!!

The first batch of 200 bottles of our single malt whisky has now  sold out and  the whisky is maturing in oak. Watch this space for future opportunities…..

First whisky in the wood!!

On Wednesday the 10th of January we put our first batch whisky into an ex-bourbon barrel. Here is a photo of it (and its brothers and sisters) relaxing in our warehouse…..

The temptation to test is almost unbearable but we’ve agreed we will not touch it for at least three months!

Another distillation run is scheduled for this coming Saturday (3rd of Feb).

Slight delay to our gin production

We had hoped to have our first batch gin ready by the end of January but unfortunately we will not be able to do this as we have found that we need an additional (HMRC) licence, over and above our distillers licence. You can imagine our frustration as we have everything else lined up and ready to go! We think this has resulted in a month delay but will keep you posted as and when we receive information. Thank you for your patience and our gin vouchers will continue to be on sale in the meantime.

The good news is this delay has allowed us to forge ahead with our whisky production, the first batch of which is now sold out and maturing in oak and the second batch will be distilled this coming Saturday.