A branded Glencairn glassWe started whisky production soon after our still was installed in November 2017.

As we are sure you’re aware, whisky has to mature in wood (casks, barrels, etc) for at least three years in order to be called whisky.

Our very first whisky (or ‘new make’ as it is called after it has come out of the still) went into wood on the 10th of January 2018 and so we expect to have whisky for sale by the bottle in January 2021.

An interesting point about our whisky is that we are one of a small number of distilleries south of the Scottish border making our own wash (the beer that is distilled to produce whisky) on site. We have a philosophy of using only the finest malted barley to produce a distinctive and characteristic new-make spirit.

The spirit is being aged in a mixture of ex-bourbon, Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez casks.

The countdown clock to our first batch of whisky is shown below!



Picture of whisky barrels in storageOur WHISKY CASK OWNERSHIP scheme was launched on the 11th of February 2020 – the details of which are explained below…..

Be one of the first……
  • This is an exciting opportunity to purchase a full cask of our fabulous single malt whisky
  • You will own the cask and have the opportunity to be involved in the whisky production and filling of it
  • There is a minimum of three years maturation
  • The 200 litre ex-bourbon American oak cask will contain approximately 200 litres of new make spirit at the time of filling and will produce around 340 70cl bottles at 45% ABV

Whisky in glass being admired

So how much is it and what is included?
  • The 200 litre ex-bourbon American oak cask is yours for £4200 and includes:
    • Uniquely numbered ex-Bourbon American standard cask filled with Henstone Distillery new make spirit made from single malted barley
    • Certificate of ownership
    • Opportunity to come to the distillery to witness ‘mash in’
    • The opportunity to come to the distillery to witness distillation
    • The opportunity to come to the distillery to witness cask filling
    • Three years storage (£100/annum storage fee after initial three years up to max of five years)
    • Bottling at the end of the term – uniquely numbered labels (inc. cask and bottle number) – option to bottle at cask strength OR agreed alternative
    • Annual visit to distillery for owner and up to 3 guests – visit to include trip to the actual cask and ‘angels share’ sample
    • 10% off all Henstone products bought directly from Henstone Distillery for the duration of ‘term’
    • Optional entry on the ‘FOUNDERS’ wall which will be in the distillery

Barrels just delivered

What isn’t included?
  • The key item that is not included is HMRC spirit duty and the associated VAT. To give you an idea of the cost of this at today’s rates the following would apply based on 340 bottles at 45%:
    • The calculation is (Number of bottles * volume * ABV * Duty Rate) + VAT
    • So, at today’s rate of £28.74/litre of pure alcohol the calculation would be:
    • 340 * 0.7 * 45% * £28.74 = £3078.05 + VAT = £3693.66
    • This amount would have to be paid in order to move the stock from our bonded warehouse
  • So, at today’s spirit duty and VAT rates this offer equates to some £23.22/bottle!
  • You may also be entitled to tax relief on your investment (see your financial advisor for details)
  • Note: volumes of bottles, abv, spirit duty and VAT all subject to change
How do I buy?

Note: as alternatives to the 200 litre American Standard Barrels detailed above, we can also produce 55 litre ‘Firkins’ and 30 litre ‘Blood Tub’s – details of both of these are available on request.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Four directors saying cheersThe Henstone Distillery Team
Chris, Alex, Alison and Shane