Black Country Whisky Society visit Henstone Distillery

We were very pleased to welcome a few members of The Black Country Whisky Society to our distillery on Saturday the 8th of February. I was going to write a post about the visit but then read Mark’s review on Twitter and decided to copy it here! (hope you don’t mind Mark). Before the review, however here’s a photo of the team……

The Black Country Whisky Society team

From left to right: Back row, Felicity & Mark, front row, John & Martin

Now to quote Mark’s review

A lacklustre English rugby team……and an English distillery that definitely isn’t 🙂

A few of us from BCWS, travelled up to the picturesque Morda, just outside Oswestry this morning. We were met by the very welcoming Chris from Henstone Distillery, along with the equally friendly, Shane from the co-joined Stonehouse Brewery side of the business.

We were given a great tour of the whole establishment, shown all the ins and outs, and had all our geeky questions answered by the ever patient Chris 🙂

Here we have a few saddo photos of pipes and other bits of wood, metal and plastic…

Photo of the distillery Photo of the brewery copper Photo of the brewery fermentation vessels Photo of the brewery bottling line

A few more, for those who like copper…

Photo of the brewery bottling line Photo of the distillery Photo of the still, Hilda Photo of the still, Hilda

So, if you’re not already aware, Henstone Distillery have ventured away from their usual gin, vodka etc. and into the dark arts of producing whisky and ‘bourbon’ (corn liquor). This is a good thing in our eyes. Here’s the whisky ‘resting’ until, AT LEAST another 338 days

Photo of whisky barrels

Some of the Henstone core spirit range we sampled afterwards. We all left as big, big fans and found ourselves laden with many of these, clanging away in bags…

Henstone London Dry Gin Henstone Rosé Gin Henstone Navy Strength Gin Henstone Vodka

Maybe the one most of you will be most interested in? 🙂 As close to ‘bourbon’ (corn liquor) as it’s legally allowed to use the word in the spirit world. Bottle purchased, obviously! 😉

Henstone Old Dog Corn Liquor

Brief tasting notes: Certainly bourbon-esque throughout. Pleasantly sweet. Well polished shoes, strawberry liquorice, old fashioned wax floor polish, mild honey, faint oakiness. Touch of aniseed at the back end. Medium finish. Significantly drinkable.

Oh…we may or may not have sampled a Cask Strength version, that may or not become available, and may or may not have been bloody wonderful! 🙂

Thanks again to everyone there. We were well looked after and I think we all learnt just a little bit more. Only one regret though…not buying one of the amazing looking, smelling pizzas from the little pizzeria on the way out!

Don’t make this mistake when you go! 🙂

Goods purchased :-)”

Bottles of Beer, Gin and Old Dog Corn Liquor

You can see the actual Twitter post by clicking this LINK

Thank you so much for visiting us BCWS, we look forward to seeing you again soon!!