Fake News??

We’ve all seen the headlines. As soon as somebody in a position of authority doesn’t like what is being said it is classed as “fake news“. 

Well, we at Henstone believe sometimes this happens purely accidentally, perhaps because the reporter wasn’t listening, didn’t really understand or was simply in too much of a rush to meet the deadline. Anyway, to cut a long story short, our local paper the Oswestry Advertizer kindly decided to run an item about us in this week’s paper. This resulted in a couple of inaccuracies, the primary one being the headline! We are not claiming our still is the largest in the country….it isn’t by a long shot!! We’re sure the vast majority of the Scottish distilleries together with quite a few in England and Wales would challenge this assertion. 

We would say, however, that we do have the largest Kothe still in the UK and the largest still in Shropshire and we’re looking forward to starting production very soon!

A photo of the actual article follows:

News article about Henstone Distillery

Oh and by the way, Alex and I have the surname Toller 😉