Facebook Feedback

I was just looking though some of the feedback we have received on Facebook and thought I’d share it here…..

  • I’ve tried the London Dry and the Navy Strength and they are wonderful gins. Pure class!
  • Recently bought a bottle of the Rosé gin and I have to say it’s absolutely gorgeous. There are loads of flavoured gins on the market and I’ve tried a lot of them and I’ve found that the fruit addition swamps the gin notes, but that hasn’t happed with your Rosé gin, all the botanicals are there to be enjoyed and savoured. I will enjoy looking for your other gins to enjoy
  • Lovely gin!
  • Really enjoy the bourbon style whiskey and the Navy gin
  • Their Navy strength gin is the bees knees – great flavour
  • And their gin is one of the best in the world. You can tell it’s packed full of flavour by the way it goes cloudy when cold
  • Absolutely my favourite gin brand. The Dry Gin is my favourite

Receiving feedback like this makes all the hard work worthwhile!!