First Batch Whisky on sale!!

Henstone Distillery Limited has started selling ‘futures’ of its very first batch of whisky. Certificates are being sold which entitle the owner to a uniquely numbered bottle from the first batch of Henstone Distillery whisky. This batch of whisky will be produced before the end of 2017, will then be matured in ex-bourbon casks and we anticipate it being available for collection from the distillery at the beginning of 2021* (minimum three years’ maturation). We haven’t advertised yet and look at the number we have sold (red square means it’s gone)!

First batch whisky sales tracker

The cost is £45 per 70cl bottle. Each bottle will carry the unique batch and bottle number and will be signed by one of the four directors. If
you provide your email details we will also provide you with a regular (at least four times per year) update of the progress of your bottle
including; production details, photos of the cask, cask abv, tasting notes, bottling progress, etc. 

Email us at if you are interested in purchasing one of these very unique bottles.

This first batch will be strictly limited to 200 bottles.

*The directors reserve the right to delay release of the whisky if they are not entirely happy with the quality of the product and feel it needs to mature a little longer because we believe that good things come to those who wait 🙂 .