Henstone Distillery Apple Brandy

On Sunday 18th of March we had another 12 hour shift distilling nearly 2000 litres of Sweeney Mountain cider (produced by Stonehouse Brewery) to make our very first Apple Brandy. The ‘new make’ spirit flowing out of Hilda (the still) immediately tasted like a very good Calvados! The following day we diluted the spirit back to about 65% with very pure water and put it into a new American oak cask to mature.  We are hopeful the new American oak will impart a hint of vanilla flavour into the spirit!

We will keep a watchful eye on the progress of maturation but expect it to be ready for Christmas 2018. 

Our branding for this product is already sorted as you can see in the mock up image below….

Mock up of apple brandy bottle

Please keep following our progress.