Henstone Gin is selling well and we’re getting great feedback

Hello – I thought it was time for a brief update about our Henstone gin. Sales are going nicely and we’ve had some great table talkers made up by Hunter Bevan as you can see below:

Photo of table talker


We’ve also had some fabulous feedback, including:

This gin is amazing and awesome” – Gareth Ward, head chef at Ynys Hir Hall Michelin starred restaurant Machynlleth. Gareth then immediately bought a case of six for the restaurant!

The citrus on the nose is like a punch in the face (that’s a good thing) its beautifully balanced on the palate, nice juniper and a late surge of cardamom which smooth’s out the citrus and nicely balances it.” – Darren Hopkins, Gindifferent, Shrewsbury.

I’m a freelancer in the Arts and based in Norwich but often end up in the west and over the weekend was working in Oswestry on the Gilbert and Gordon project, Memorial Hall, and I tried your gin – it is the most delicious gin I think I have ever tasted, I would give it 11 out of a possible 10. I was lucky enough to be given a half finished bottle to take home which we all polished off, I am back in your neck of the woods in a month and would like to purchase a couple of bottles, where can I get hold of it? Thanks and best wishes for your triumphant gin production” – retail customer

We are here in North Wales for a few days staying at the Coed y Glyn cabins, and have tasted your new gin in 2 places now (The Chain Bridge Hotel and The Corn Mill). Can you please tell me where I can buy a few bottles, as it’s awesome !!! “ – retail customer, a gin lover from Cleethorpes

The @HenstoneDistill gin is über good with Mediterranean tonic, in my professional opinion !” – Colliers Arms

Now folks. This. This is serious. Perhaps, verging on nearly certainly, the finest gin we’ve ever known! From @HenstoneDistill & the clever folk @stonehousebeer – local, incredible, and by gum it packs a punch!” – Chainbridge Hotel, Llangollen

“it’s big it’s bold and its cockle warming on another Snow day!” – Darren Hopkins, Gindifferent, Shrewsbury

My new favourite gin and probably the most intensely flavoured gin I’ve had.” David Moss – Three Fishes Shrewsbury.” – David Moss, Three Fishes, Shrewsbury

First bottle of Henstone Gin flew out the door almost as soon as it landed… …we are not surprised though, it’s one delicious Gin ” – Wrekin Whiskies, Shrewsbury

Whilst out at Sebastian’s in Oswestry last night, we were sampled your Henstone Gin. (We loved it!). Is it possible to buy a bottle or is it only available to businesses?” – Retail customer

Yes, I put orange zest and slices in and a friend and gin connoisseur was so impressed I came down and bought him a bottle to take home!” – Retail customer

Hey Chris, had the first taste of the Henstone gin last night with Simon and Jim, …… it was amazing, best Gin I have ever had. Simon has signed up to be the head of distribution in Normandy.” – a friend

If you are wondering where you can try or buy the gin please get in touch at info@henstonedistillery.com