Henstone Gin – Production and Early Feedback

We distilled our first ever batch of Henstone Gin on 8th of February. Starting the previous day we did some ‘maceration’ as can be seen in the photo below (juniper, coriander, cardamom together with  a few secrets) gently warming up…..

Botanicals macerating

Following distillation we bottled – unfortunately our real labels were not available so we knocked up some temporary ones as can be seen below: 

Very first bottles of gin


The feedback we have received so far has been tremendous! The General Manager of Gales Wine Bar in Llangollen described it as “sensational” when he tasted it on Saturday 24 February. Today we also received the following email from another early customer:

Dear Henstone Distillery

I’m a freelancer in the Arts and based in Norwich but often end up in the west and over the weekend was working in Oswestry on the Gilbert and Gordon project, Memorial Hall, and I tried your gin – it is the most delicious gin I think I have ever tasted, I would give it 11 out of a possible 10. I was lucky enough to be given a half finished bottle to take home which we all polished off, I am back in your neck of the woods in a month and would like to purchase a couple of bottles, where can I get hold of it?

Thanks and best wishes for your triumphant gin production


Our real labels will be available today/tomorrow and then the gin will be freely available to both retail and trade customers.