Henstone Whisky: The Art and Craft of Our Production

Whisky bottle with gold medal

At Henstone Distillery, we take pride in crafting some of the finest whiskies in the UK. Our range of handcrafted Henstone Whisky is a testament to the art and science of the distilling process, where we use only the highest quality ingredients and techniques to produce whiskies that are rich in flavour and character.

So, what sets our Henstone Whisky apart from other brands? Our secret lies in our unique production process, which we undertake with great care and attention to detail. Here’s a glimpse into how we create the smooth and delicious Henstone Whisky that our customers know and love.

Step 1: Choosing the Grain

Field of barley

The key to any good whisky is the grain. At Henstone, we choose only the finest British malted barley for our whiskies. Our master distiller carefully selects the grains based on their flavour, aroma, and quality, ensuring that each batch of our Henstone Whisky is made with the best possible ingredients.

Step 2: The Mash

Mashing In

The next step is to create a mash from the barley. We mix the ground malted barley (grist) with hot water to create a mash. This mixture is then allowed to rest and sparge for several hours, allowing the starches in the barley to convert to sugars.

Step 3: Fermentation

Fermentation underway

Once the mash has been completed and the resultant wash created, it’s time for the fermentation process. We add yeast to the wash and allow it to ferment for several days. This process converts the sugars in the barley to alcohol, giving the wash its distinct flavour and character.

Step 4: Distillation

Hilda in operation

After fermentation, the wash is ready for distillation. We transfer the fermented wash into our copper pot/column hybrid still, which is heated to release the alcohol. The vapour that is produced from this process is then condensed back into liquid form, resulting in a clear, high-proof spirit (this is called new make spirit).

Step 5: Maturation

Barrels in Warehouse

The final step in the process is maturation. We age our Henstone Whisky in oak barrels for several years, allowing it to mature and develop a rich, complex flavour. During this time, the whisky absorbs the flavours and aromas of the oak, giving it its distinctive character.


At Henstone Distillery, we take pride in producing handcrafted Henstone Whisky that is rich in flavour and character. With a unique production process that uses only the finest grains, careful fermentation and distillation, and aging in oak barrels, we produce whiskies that our customers love. Visit our website to learn more about our Henstone Whisky range and discover your new favorite whisky.