Hilda being installed

Week commencing 13 November 2017 was a real milestone for Henstone Distillery as our still, Hilda, was installed.  We all worked long hours but the end result was well worth it as I hope the following photographs show…

Part of our still, HildaPhew, the postal address was correct!

Taking Hilda out of the boxesTim and Bob start unpacking.

Measuring the distillery ready for installationMichael, Bob and Shane measure up whilst Tim checks his phone!

Getting the Manitou into the distilleryIt was a bit of a squeeze getting the Manitou in!!

Preparing to lift the main body of the still onto the mezzanine floorMichael supervises the lifting of the main body of the still.

The main body of the still is liftedBob, Tim and Michael watch on as Shane lifts the still up onto the distillery floor.

Main body of still almost in distilleryAlmost there!

Still lowered into place ready for installationHilda is gently lowered into place as Dean watches on.

Still assembly startsMichael starts assembling her.

Still assemblyUnbeknown to us quite a few parts were transported in the main body of the still. Tim found it amusing as Michael tried to retrieve them.

Still assemblyFinal bit of adjusting

Shane in the distilleryI think it was at this point Shane was wondering what he’d (or we’d) done!!

Still assemblyThe helmet is lifted into place.

Shane next to the stillShane really is wondering what he’s done now 😉 

Main pot readyMain still and hot water tank in place now.

Fitting the columnMichael trying to work out how we’d get the column on top of the hot water tank!

Fitting the columnAh, we’d do it with a block & tackle and a genie (good job we have a great hire shop close by)! Note that Iain, our resident engineer and electrician, was called in to advise at this stage.

Column almost in placeIt was a struggle with not much room between the top of the column and the roof.

Condensing column installationGetting the condensing column in place proved a little easier.

Still installedLooking like a still now.

A view of the distillery from downstairsIain and Shane discuss how the supporting beams will be installed beneath the distillery mezzanine floor whilst construction continues above.

Plumbers work on the burnerWe had a few burner issues but were lucky to have the AWS Plumbing team on hand to help.

Time to fit the flueNow time to work on the flue.

Fitting the flueDean and Shane cutting through the roof so the flue could be installed (note that Shane looks a lot happier now).

Filling the water jacketThe water jacket being filled.

Alex polishing the stillAlex polishes the final article. We all have to say we’re really pleased with the end result and we’re now looking forward to producing our Henstone products.