New Bottle


We’re very pleased to introduce our brand new bottle as shown in the photo below. This will be introduced across our entire product range from now on and is joined by a matching miniature which you might have noticed in recent social media posts.

New bottle being displayed

Why the change?

We’ve loved our original bottle from the day we decided to go with it. It was classic in style but also quite unique but sometimes change has to happen. On this occasion it was somewhat forced upon us. When we approached our supplier for more bottles we were told they didn’t know the production date. As you can imagine this rang some alarm bells as a distillery without bottles is like a restaurant without food! On looking at our last pallet of bottles we immediately understood why no production date could be given – they were manufactured in the Ukraine and the invasion by Russia was happening as we were talking to our supplier!

Here’s a photo of the label on the last pallet of bottles.

Moonea pallet label

A reminder of the original bottle

Just so we don’t forget, here’s a photo of the bottle we used from the original product going to market in March 2018 through to May/June of 2022.

London Dry Gin in the original bottle

Hopefully in the future we’ll be able to return some of our business to the Ukraine.

The Drinks Business wrote a short article about our dilemma on 23 May 2022 which you can read here (The Drinks Business article) The only inaccuracy in the article was that we didn’t have to change label, stoppers, box, etc. as fortunately these all work with the new bottle – what a relief!!

The need for a bottle change got a nice mention in Spirits Beacon too. This article was released on the 7th of June and CAN BE READ HERE.