Old Dog Corn Liquor is launched!!

We are very excited to announce that we’ve launched our Old Dog Corn Liquor today!! This is our bourbon equivalent and the details of our press release follow: 

Press Release

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie? Not when they are this good!
Henstone Distillery have just launched their first full mash oak aged spirit. Old Dog Corn Liquor is their take on a bourbon. The pleasingly deep amber liquid has honey and soft fruity notes on the nose. There is an amazingly creamy mouthfeel, with caramel, spice, and hints of vanilla and smoke. The lingering smooth finish leaves notes of toffee and vanilla. This is a light, easy drinking spirit with a surprising complexity.
Old Dog is named after one of the many mine shafts in the Oswestry area where Henstone is based. The distillery team were keen to make the most of their brewing equipment and experiment with different mash bills to complement the full barley whisky washes, still currently being produced and aged. Henstone are one of a very small number of distilleries, outside Scotland, who are able to produce their own mash, meaning the spirit was produced from grain to glass at the distillery.
Alongside the range of gins, vodka, and Nonpareil (their apple brandy) Old Dog Corn Liquor is a welcome addition to the Henstone range.
“We are very much a distillery, producing the whole portfolio of spirits, not just another gin producer,” said Chris Toller, one of the founders “and our range now showcases our passion for a variety of drinks.”
The first batch of Old Dog is limited to just over 300 hundred bottles and expected to sell out extremely quickly. The bottles will be available direct from the distillery as well as select local shops, pubs, bars, and restaurants.”


This is what the product looks like in the bottle: 

Henstone Old Dog Corn Liquor