Summerton Whisky Festival – May 2022

Chris headed down to St Albans for the weekend of 28th and 29th of May for the annual Summerton Whisky Festival and had a great time. One quote from Twitter relating to us was “…….getting a chance to try the new batch of Henstone single malt, from the new barrel choice was a game changer!” – it’s amazing to get this sort of feedback and makes the effort so worthwhile. Also suggests we’re doing something right 😉

The event was also the very first time our entire range, including new make spirit were on display and available for tasting. It’s fair to say all went down very well.

All products lined up at the Summerton Festival

Dan (founder of the Summerton Club) has produced this great summary of the event – CLICK HERE FOR SUMMARY

Toby at Whisky Shared has also produced a marvelous video CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO

It was such a fun event and it was great to meet so many whisky lovers in person! We’re looking forward to next year’s already.

Chris at the Summerton Whisky Festival