“Let Sleeping Dogs Lie? Not when they are this good!”

Launched on 28 January 2020 this is our ‘Bourbon Equivalent’ – we produced a corn, wheat and barley mash which, following fermentation was distilled and then matured in new American oak for eight months.

The name ‘Old Dog’ comes from a local coal mine shaft in the Morda valley.

The pleasingly deep amber liquid has honey and soft fruity notes on the nose. There is an amazingly creamy mouthfeel, with caramel, spice, and hints of vanilla and smoke. The lingering smooth finish leaves notes of toffee and vanilla. This is a light, easy drinking spirit with a surprising complexity.

It is available in 70cl bottles and is bottled at 41.5%.

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We’ve had some great feedback including an email that we thought was straight to the point, “just tried it, superb”. Thank you Jason!!

We also had the following tasting notes from one of our friends (thank you Carl!!)

Nose: Sweet, honey, pea drops buttery

Taste: Honey, peppery got nice heat to it, pear drops, slightly creamy in the mouth

Finish: White pepper, oaky, waxy good medium finish

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