London Dry Gin Serves

We love our London Dry Gin and hope you do too! Of course you can drink it neat if you wish but here are a few suggestions if you fancy experimenting. 

Preferred serve

Ice, nice big chunk of orange, good measure of gin and a quality Indian Tonic (we’ve found Llanllyr Source, Fever-Tree and Schweppes 1783 work very well).Henstone London Dry Gin and Glass


Italian 75

Italian 75 Cocktail Photo

A cocktail to celebrate Spring!

Glass – Champagne Flute

Ingredients: 35ml Henstone London Dry Gin, 20ml Limoncello, Prosecco. Garnish: Lemon twist

Buckstone Fizz

Bucks fizz with a bit of a kick

Glass – Champagne Flute

Ingredients: 20ml Henstone London Dry Gin, 20ml Triple Sec, 30ml Orange Juice, 50ml Sparkling Wine. Garnish: Orange slice

The Crumble

A firm favourite at the Henstone Distillery site bar

Glass – Goblet

Ingredients: Ice, 25ml Henstone London Dry Gin, 25ml Cassis, top up with sparkling dry cider (we use Stonehouse Elevate). Garnish: Red berries


Journalist cocktailA proper old school boozy classic

Glass – Martini glass

Ingredients: 50ml Henstone London Dry Gin, 10ml Dry Vermouth, 10ml Sweet White Vermouth, 10ml Triple Sec, 10ml Lemon juice, Bitters. Method: Mix in a shaker over ice & serve. Garnish: Slice of lemon

Orange Martini

Orange martini cocktailA slightly sweeter twist on the classic

Glass – Martini

Ingredients: 50 ml Henstone London Dry Gin, 20 ml Dry Vermouth, 20ml Triple Sec, Dash of Orange Bitters. Method: Mix all the ingredients with ice in a shaker and pour into a chilled glass. Garnish: Orange zest twist

The Elderwand

Glass – Flute

Ingredients: 25ml Henstone London Dry Gin, 15ml elderflower cordial, top up with Prosecco. Garnish: Frozen berries and fresh elderflower if available

The Sainted Hen

Glass – Stemless Wine Glass

Ingredients: Ice, 25ml Henstone London Dry Gin, 25ml Triple Sec, top up with cloudy lemonade. Garnish: Slices of lemon and orange

The Henstone Royal

Glass – Flute

Ingredients – 25ml Henstone London Dry Gin, 25ml Cassis, top up with Prosecco

The Gimlet

Glass – Stemless Wine Glass

Ingredients – 50ml Henstone London Dry Gin, 50ml Rose’s Lime Cordial. Method: Shake gently over ice and then pour into cold glasses. Our friend Steve, who is an avid Raymond Chandler fan introduced us to this. Enjoy and as Raymond Chandler said in The Long Goodbye, “Why on earth this stroke of genius…….”

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