We love our Nonpareil and hope you do too! Of course you can drink it neat if you wish but here are a few serve suggestions if you fancy experimenting. 

Preferred Serve

We really like this neat in a brandy glass after dinner or between courses – perfect!


Nonpareil ’75

Nonpareil 75 cocktailGlass – Flute

Ingredients: 25ml Henstone Nonpareil, Squeeze of Lemon Juice, a little Sugar Syrup, and top up with Prosecco

Nonpareil Champagne Cocktail

Glass – Champagne Flute

Ingredients: 25ml Henstone Nonpareil, half tsp Brown Sugar, 2-3 dashes Angostura Bitters, Champagne. Method: Place the Sugar, Bitters and Nonpareil in the glass and let the sugar dissolve. Then top up with chilled champagne

Ginger Brandy Snap

Glass – Goblet or Highball

Ingredients: Lots of Ice, 35ml Henstone Nonpareil, 15ml Sweet Red Vermouth, 100ml Ginger Ale. Garnish: Slice of Fresh Ginger

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If you have any serve suggestions please feel free to send them to us – you can find all our details on the CONTACT PAGE