Charcoal Filtered Vodka Serves

We love our charcoal filtered Vodka and hope you do too! Of course you can drink it neat if you wish but here are a few serve suggestions if you fancy experimenting. 

Preferred Serve

We are really enjoying this neat over ice! Simple as that!


Espresso Martini

Surprisingly easy to make this is a perfect after dinner cocktail

Glass – Martini Glass (very cold)

Ingredients: 45ml Henstone Charcoal Filtered Vodka, 20ml Kahlua (coffee liqueur), 30ml espresso coffee. Method: All in cocktail shaker with ice. Shake like mad and then pour into glass – should have a nice head! Garnish: Coffee beans

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary cocktailThe perfect morning drink!

Glass – Highball

Ingredients: Lots of ice, 50ml Henstone Charcoal Filtered Vodka, 100ml Tomato juice, 10ml fresh lemon juice, 5-6 drops Tabasco Sauce (more or less to taste), 2-4 dashes Worcester sauce
Salt & Black Pepper. Garnish: Lemon slice & stick of celery

Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule cocktailGlass – Goblet or highball

Ingredients: Lots of ice, 35ml Henstone Charcoal Filtered Vodka, half Lime squeezed, top up with fiery ginger beer. Garnish: Lime wedge


Greyhound cocktailA simple refreshing cocktail – perfect on summer evenings

Glass – Goblet or highball

Ingredients: Lots of ice, 50ml Henstone Charcoal Filtered Vodka, top with fresh pink grapefruit juice. Garnish: Lime or Grapefruit slice

Apple Martini

Apple Martini

We had this before Mother’s Day lunch in 2021

Glass – Cocktail Glass

Ingredients: Handful of ice, 25ml Henstone Charcoal Filtered Vodka, 25ml Cointreau, 25ml Cloudy Apple Juice, Teaspoon Cider Vinegar

Method: All ingredients into cocktail shaker and shake for 10 seconds. Sieve into cooled cocktail glasses


Kiwitini Cocktail

This one is especially for the quarter of the team from the Southern Hemisphere!

Glass: Cocktail Glass

Ingredients: Ice, 50ml Henstone Charcoal Filtered Vodka, Ripe Kiwi Fruit, 5ml Sugar Syrup

Method: Muddle the kiwi fruit and sugar syrup, shake with vodka and ice. Strain and serve

Chocolate Orange Espresso Martini

Glass: Cocktail Glass

Ingredients: 50ml Henstone Charcoal Filtered Vodka, 50ml Espresso Coffee, 35ml Chocolate Syrup, 35ml Coffee Liquor, 25ml Triple Sec

Method: Shake with ice and serve with a slice of orange

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If you have any serve suggestions please feel free to send them to us – you can find all our details on the CONTACT PAGE