First Batch Whisky on sale!!

Henstone Distillery Limited has started selling ‘futures’ of its very first batch of whisky. Certificates are being sold which entitle the owner to a uniquely numbered bottle from the first batch of Henstone Distillery whisky. This batch of whisky will be produced before the end of 2017, will then be matured in ex-bourbon casks and we anticipate it being available for collection from the distillery at the beginning of 2021* (minimum three years’ maturation). We haven’t advertised yet and look at the number we have sold (red square means it’s gone)!

The cost is Β£45 per 70cl bottle. Each bottle will carry the unique batch and bottle number and will be signed by one of the four directors. If
you provide your email details we will also provide you with a regular (at least four times per year) update of the progress of your bottle
including; production details, photos of the cask, cask abv, tasting notes, bottling progress, etc. 

Email us at if you are interested in purchasing one of these very unique bottles.

This first batch will be strictly limited to 200 bottles.

*The directors reserve the right to delay release of the whisky if they are not entirely happy with the quality of the product and feel it needs to mature a little longer because we believe that good things come to those who wait πŸ™‚ .

Licence Received!!

We received the final part of our jigsaw today when we heard from HMRC that our licence application had been successful…….now it’s ALL SYSTEMS GO for Henstone Distillery!! Whisky production to commence very soon – keep following.

(Editors note: the observant amongst you will have noticed our post from 19 January this year when I said our licence had been approved. Well, it had and we received a ‘conditional licence’ at that time but then that expired and we had to re-submit everything – we now have all the approvals and associated numbers πŸ™‚ 


We’ve all seen the headlines. As soon as somebody in a position of authority doesn’t like what is being said it is classed as “fake news“. 

Well, we at Henstone believe sometimes this happens purely accidentally, perhaps because the reporter wasn’t listening, didn’t really understand or was simply in too much of a rush to meet the deadline. Anyway, to cut a long story short, our local paper the Oswestry Advertizer kindly decided to run an item about us in this week’s paper. This resulted in a couple of inaccuracies, the primary one being the headline! We are not claiming our still is the largest in the country….it isn’t by a long shot!! We’re sure the vast majority of the Scottish distilleries together with quite a few in England and Wales would challenge this assertion. 

We would say, however, that we do have the largest Kothe still in the UK and the largest still in Shropshire and we’re looking forward to starting production very soon!

A photo of the actual article follows:

Oh and by the way, Alex and I have the surname Toller πŸ˜‰


Hilda being installed – week commencing 13 Nov 2017

Week commencing 13 November 2017 was a real milestone for Henstone Distillery as our still, Hilda, was installed.  We all worked long hours but the end result was well worth it as I hope the following photographs show…

Phew, the postal address was correct!

Tim and Bob start unpacking.

Michael, Bob and Shane measure up whilst Tim checks his phone!

It was a bit of a squeeze getting the Manitou in!!

Michael supervises the lifting of the main body of the still.

Bob, Tim and Michael watch on as Shane lifts the still up onto the distillery floor.

Almost there!

Hilda is gently lowered into place as Dean watches on.

Michael starts assembling her.

Unbeknown to us quite a few parts were transported in the main body of the still. Tim found it amusing as Michael tried to retrieve them.

Final bit of adjusting

I think it was at this point Shane was wondering what he’d (or we’d) done!!

The helmet is lifted into place.

Shane really is wondering what he’s done now πŸ˜‰ 

Main still and hot water tank in place now.

Michael trying to work out how we’d get the column on top of the hot water tank!

Ah, we’d do it with a block & tackle and a genie (good job we have a great hire shop close by)! Note that Iain, our resident engineer and electrician, was called in to advise at this stage.

It was a struggle with not much room between the top of the column and the roof.

Getting the condensing column in place proved a little easier.

Looking like a still now.

Iain and Shane discuss how the supporting beams will be installed beneath the distillery mezzanine floor whilst construction continues above.

We had a few burner issues but were lucky to have the AWS Plumbing team on hand to help.

Now time to work on the flue.

Dean and Shane cutting through the roof so the flue could be installed (note that Shane looks a lot happier now).

The water jacket being filled.

Alex polishes the final article. We all have to say we’re really pleased with the end result and we’re now looking forward to producing our Henstone products.


Hilda has arrived!!

Hilda, our 1000 litre still, completed her journey from Germany and arrived at the distillery at around 08:30 this morning. Here is a little gallery of her arrival, which as you can see was not easy for the driver! He was brilliant however so we gave him a few beers to take back home πŸ™‚


More photos and updates next week during installation and commissioning!


Exciting day at the office

Things are getting very real now!

Today our still, Hilda, left the Kothe factory in Eislingen (near Stuttgart) in Southern Germany and she’ll be with us in Oswestry, Shropshire tomorrow morning between 08:00 and 09:00. Here is a photo of her loaded up on the truck….

We also took delivery of our first batch of casks today. These are a mix of ex-bourbon and new American oak and they travelled all the way from the Speyside Cooperage in Scotland. Here is a picture of them in our yard, patiently waiting to be filled…..

Next week is installation and commissioning so expect lots of updates!